We have been completely devastated by the news of the on going wild fires in Northern California and all the destruction they have and continue to cause. Steve and I grew up in the bay area and our hearts are deeply rooted in this community. Not to mention our love for the gorgeous wine country of Sonoma County and Napa County. I cannot imagine the horror and grief families are feeling at the loss of their homes, businesses and even in some cases loved ones. It is truly heart breaking. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by these fires. And a huge thank you to amazing men and women fighting these fires and continuing to help these people and this community. 

We wanted to provide some information for those of you looking to help. 

Ways Donate:

Ways to Donate to Help Animals Affected by Fires:

Ways to Volunteer:

 Ways to Donate Food and Supplies, but first make sure to check with specific organizations to see what they need and don’t need:

Also other sites providing information on ways to help listed below: